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Developing arch form through the use of expansion is common and effective. Inman Orthodontic Laboratories can help you with our complete line of expansion appliances. We can fit bands, add bite planes and add other axillaries to help you achieve great results with little time and hassle.

Click the images below for complete photographs of each appliance.

Quad Helix Expander

Mandibular BiHelix Expander

Mandibular QuadHelix Expander

Bonded Hyrax Expander

Banded Hyrax Expander

Removable Schwartz Expander

Removable Mandibular Schwartz Expander

Asymetric Removable Fan Screw Expander

Banded Haas Expander

Banded Mandibular Expander

Unilateral Removable Expander


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