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Offering Exceptional Custom Orthodontic Appliances

Our company’s goal is to improve the design and function of various dental devices. These include the custom orthodontic appliances we fabricate for customers around the world. Read below to learn more about them:

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Perio Protect®

This comprehensive and customized method helps patients manage biofilms, bacterial communities growing between teeth and gum tissue. The method involves delivering doctor-prescribed medications directly to a site infected with periodontal disease. When paired with minimally invasive dentistry, the Perio Protect Method™ ensures lasting oral health.
Perio Protect Logo
For more information, including how the system works, its various benefits, and testimonials from dentists and patients, download our PDF information leaflet by clicking here.

Inman Power Component

Compared to other components available in the market today, our Inman Power Component is a low-profile and extremely comfortable appliance. Click here for more details.

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