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What’s New

What’s New

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Digital Clear Aligners (DCA's)

Learn all about Inman Labs’ Digital Clear Aligners by clicking here.

Partnership With Philips

We’ve partnered with Philips to create Zoom teeth whitening trays. For more information, visit their site by clicking here.

SLS Printed Metal Appliances

Inman Labs is now offering SLS Printed Metal Appliances. Only 2 appointments are needed: the scan appointment and the insert appointment. No metal goes sub-gingival or interproximal, allowing for easy and quick insertion. Call today to talk with James or Jesse regarding this exciting advancement.
Printed Fan Screw

Our Custom Style Guide

Inman Labs now offers you the option of customizing your pressure-formed appliances. We have partnered with Dentagrafix to offer your patients fun and exciting designs. Click here to learn more.