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What’s New

What’s New

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The Future is Here! Introducing the CosmoIPC

Learn all about Inman CosmoIPC by clicking here.

Inman Fixed Lingual Retainer options

Learn all about Inman Fixed Lingual Retainer Options by clicking here.

Introducing the Inman Digital Splint (IDS)

The IDS is fabricated using a completely digital process. This eliminates problems associated with traditionally fabricated splints. Click here for learn more.

Digital Clear Aligners (DCA's)

Learn all about Inman Labs’ Digital Clear Aligners by clicking here.

SLS Printed Metal Appliances

Inman Labs is now offering SLS Printed Metal Appliances. Only 2 appointments are needed: the scan appointment and the insert appointment. No metal goes sub-gingival or interproximal, allowing for easy and quick insertion. Call today to talk with Don or Jesse regarding this exciting advancement.

Printed Fan Screw
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