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The innovator of the Inman Aligner and Inman Power component has earned Inman Labs a national and international reputation. We are known for our high quality appliances, outstanding service and creative approach to appliance design.

Since 1977 Inman Orthodontic Laboratories Inc. has been providing exceptional service to the dental profession, as we have grown we have invested in new technologies. One new technology is our use of Laser Welding which allows us to fabricate better and stronger appliances by reducing or eliminating the use of silver solder. Our Labnet Software allows us instant access to any information you or your staff might need and the DDX feature gives you internet access to your account

Our phone system technology virtually eliminates the chance that you will ever experience a busy signal when contacting us, resulting in fast and reliable customer service.

It is our mission to provide unsurpassed quality and customer service and to continue to improve on the design and function of orthodontic appliances.


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Innovative, functional and effective.
The award-winning Inman Family of appliances has been correcting Adult Relapse since 2000.

Inman aligner

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The new approach for generating force.
The IPC may be used for many types of movement, from simple space regainers to advanced 3-way development appliances.

Inman Power Component

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